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How to Find Prospects for My Group

The best way to discover prospects is to ask your members. Take four weeks and emphasize family, friends, associates, and neighbors in prospect discovery.  Every week send an email/text or make a phone call to the members reminding them they we will need to have a name and vital contact information (mailing address, phone number, email, etc.) to share as a prospect.  If you don’t remind them to be prepared, you will not discover as many prospects.  As everyone enters the classroom give them an index card and ask everyone to complete it at the same time.  Remind them that they are going to share the name of a person that would fit the general age range of the class/group, is not involved in a church and/or Sunday School class, and lives within driving distance of the church.  Remember to take one category each week.

In the first week guide your people through the process of thinking about the family members that may not know the Lord or don’t attend church. Have them write the name and contact information on the card.  As an ending for the class/group time, invite everyone to place the cards in the center of the room and then conclude your group time by praying for these prospects. The following week you will do the same for the category of friends and in the third week you will work on associates.  An associate could be someone they work with, or someone in a community club with them, or another parent in their children’s PTA.  The final week will be focused on neighbors.

After the four weeks of prospect discovery, spend four weeks in prayer for those names discovered. After the four weeks of prayer, spend the next four weeks in training members in personal evangelism skills such as sharing their testimony, using a marked New Testament, sharing a Gospel tract/booklet and presenting a simple Gospel presentation.  After these four weeks, spend the last four weeks going after the prospects discovered.  Plan a class/group party and invite those you’ve been praying for.  Hang on because God will do something great in your church during these 16 weeks!

Make every effort to involve as many members as possible in the process. The more people involved, the more prospects you will discover.  If you ask for prospects make sure you do something with them!  Pray for them, go after them, share Jesus with them, love them, be their friend and watch what God will do!

Dr. Tim Smith serves as a state missionary with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and is the Groups and Faith Development Specialist. Visit their website at for more information and other resources to aid your Sunday School or Small Group. You can also connect with Dr. Smith at or  Dr. Smith is available for conferences or other speaking opportunities and can be contacted at

Group Prayer for Lost Friends and Neighbors

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” (Luke 19:10, ESV)

How can we as groups (Adult/Student/Kids classes or Bible Study groups) be more strategic in praying for our lost friends and neighbors?

  • Pray Intentionally – Have a specific time during the group prayer time to pray for the lost.
  • Pray Specifically – Pray for lost friends and neighbors by name
  • Pray scripture during your prayer time for the lost.
  • Pray for God to open your eyes to see the lost around you/opportunities for conversation.
  • Pray for other Christians to cross the paths of friends who can have conversations that point/lead them to Christ.

Incorporate Prayer actions as part of your group prayer time. This works great for all ages groups, but specifically for kids and students with shorter attention spans:

Prayer box or journal – Have each person in your class write down on a card or in a journal the names of lost friends. (Kids may even want to add a picture of their friend.) Record dates and prayer requests for the lost friend.  Remember to record how God is answering prayers.

Group Prayer Walk –For kids or students, you might want to prayer walk their school praying for their lost friends. Adult groups can prayer walk a subdivision of a class member.

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us (Ephesians 3:20, ESV)


Maria Brannen is a State Missionary at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.


Sharing the Gospel on Social Media

Social Media Statistics

Here are thoughts on how to approach being a witness in your social media footprints.

Connect on a personal level with striving to having a deeper conversation. Remember to “encourage publically” and to “challenge privately”

Believing the Bible (Biblical Word View) is not held by so many people. Start with your experiences in spiritual matters- then lead to the source of your convictions (Bible) as you are valued for your thoughts by the one you are seeking to influence. Your validation with your life gives credibility to the Bible.

Remember, your placement on an individual’s site/profile will convey you are in agreement to their position, practices and/or belief. “Silence Equals Consent/ Agreement,” avoid being silent-speak out in a redemptive fashion.

Develop a strategy with intentionality in your social media posts.

Reacting to posts requires maturity and prayerful thought. Remember to:

  • Respond after prayer
  • Respond/React after time
  • Quote people who you respect or reference materials that support your thoughts
  • Think of yourself as a coach – striving to help someone succeed in life and find real joy

Roger Orman is the Team Leader for the Discipleship Development Center and Sunday School Specialist for Mississippi Baptists.