Every believer I have known has friends and relatives that do not attend Bible study and many who are not yet believers.  If we  organize our Bible study groups into smaller groups of six, and each member contacts a friend, this should not really be a challenge. 

Question: Do we have a biblical mandate to invite our friends and family?

Answer:  Absolutely the Great Commission and the Great Commandment both give us motivation and reason to invite others as we show them the love of Christ.

AND, 2 Timothy 2:2 gives us further biblical encouragement, “And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men(and women) who will be able to teach others also.

Can we really EXPECT this to happen in a Bible study group, which are friends asking friends to come? Again the answer is YES. Expect, encourage, equip, and enjoy to work of seeing lives changed.  Celebrate the contact.  Congratulate the connection.  Communicate the courage.  Then together give God the glory for the changed lives.

Ten ways to make this happen:

1)      Give a challenge to your group.

2)      Ask each member to invite a friend or family member every time you gather.

3)      Make a prayer list of those being invited.

4)      Ask for an update each time you meet.

5)      Celebrate weekly those making contact, making it a contagious experience.

6)      Ask friends and family to enroll when they attend.

7)      Ask group members to share their faith testimony enabling friends and faith to hear and seeing life transformation.

8)      At least monthly give opportunity for friends and family to respond to Christ.

9)      Encourage group fellowship outside of class to build connection with new friends.

10)  Give God the glory for the results.