I serve as Interim Pastor for a medium size church in Northeast Mississippi. This is a rural, deep south, traditional Southern Baptist church on the outskirts of a mid-size Mississippi town of about 25,000. But within two miles of the church, demographics revealed there are more than two thousand unchurched families. There is also a concentration of single Moms with two or more children.

A couple of our ladies took it upon themselves to prayer drive the roads and streets in this two mile radius. They soon became so burdened they stopped their car in one neighborhood and began going door to door prayer walking, meeting people. They discovered several families at home with multiple needs. They also discovered a willingness of folks to open up and share needs. They were burdened for the spiritual well-being of their children, but did not know what to do for them. When the ladies from our church asked them if they would be willing for someone to have a Bible study with them and/or with their children, they responded positively.

It was not very long before these two ladies shared this with a Wednesday night Bible study/Prayer Meeting and asked permission to pick these children up for Bible Study and help enlist leaders for the new Bible study groups. Another lady got a burden for the Moms to have a Bible study as well.


  • One team picks the children up on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights for children activities and Bible Study.
  • Another group of ladies have been enlisted to teach two new classes for these children.
  • Another group of ladies have volunteered to teach the Mothers of the children at a time convenient for these working Moms.

Three new classes came as a result of a prayer burden of two

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ladies driving the streets around the church, because they had been told there were hundreds of unreached people within two miles of their church.

It is amazing what happens when we put feet to our prayers followed by steps of faith. God will always reward our faith.

Kiely Young