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Gone in 60 Seconds: Divine Appointments

There you are, minding your own business and God prompts you with an opportunity to have a spiritual conversation with someone. What are you going to do? Well, you can just ignore it. Or maybe, you don’t know what to say.

When sharing with someone at the checkout counter or in line somewhere, you only have seconds to make an impression and engage someone in a Gospel conversation. How do you maximize those brief moments?

Once I was dropping off some clothes at the cleaners when the person behind the counter asked me what my FAITH ministry shirt meant. So I shared the Gospel. Often times, as in this case, people don’t make a decision for Christ but my job for that day may have been to plant a seed.

Every encounter is a divine appointment – Every time we interact with people is an opportunity to BE the presence of Christ. Your smile, your kind actions, your graciousness are all bridges to a Gospel conversation.

Don’t be shy about a verbal witness – Make it a practice to engage people everywhere and take the opportunities to say things like; God bless you or have a blessed day. You will never know what God can do with that.

One minute testimony – learn how to share your testimony in less than 60 seconds.

One minute Gospel – learn how to share the Gospel in less than a minute.

You pass by lost people all day long. Listen for the voice of God. Maybe He is telling you, “There is someone who needs me today. I’m sending you.”

Sean Keith is the Sunday School/Discipleship Strategist for the Louisiana Baptist Convention. Sean has free resources available at and Follow Sean on Twitter @revseankeith.