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Short-Term Evangelism Emphases for Small Groups

Dr. Thom Rainer once shared with me the following statement: “Evangelism seldom gets done unless it is intentional.” Some synonyms for the word “intentional” are deliberate, calculated, conscious, intended, planned, premeditated, preplanned, and preconceived.  If you want to see lost people getting off the road to Hell and on the road to Heaven, then leaders should intentionally plan and encourage their members and groups to get involved in Short-term Evangelism Emphases.

One mid-size church in Upper East Tennessee canceled their evening service during July and encouraged their groups to meet in different houses and invite their neighbors and friends to a cook out at members’ homes. They called these Touch Nights. At the end of July, almost 1000 people who weren’t members were touched.

My church in Spring Hill, TN has designated September 3 as Serve Sunday. Instead of worship and Bible Study that day, groups and members will receive assignments and go serve in the community. Last year, members did landscaping at the schools, painted and cleaned houses, etc.  This church is intentional about getting their groups outside the walls of the classroom.

A small church in Dickson, Tennessee just conducted their annual Back to School Bash. Over 100 families from the community came for recreation, games, food, and heard the Gospel.

Churches of all sizes have utilized the Connect>1 Evangelism Campaign to challenge their members to pray for lost people, learn a Gospel presentation, invite unchurched people to their group, and to share the Gospel.

Every church can do something. Every group can do something.  Every member can do something.

Mark Miller is the Group Specialist at the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board.