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The Work (Involve the Guest in Group Ministry)

Nothing makes someone feel more a part of a group than being involved in shared experiences.  Ministering to others should be part of your group’s mission, but a great byproduct is helping a guest feel more connected.  Make sure the guest is aware of opportunities to serve and all the details.  Have a member offer to drive the guest to the ministry location or offer to meet them at a specific spot.

Ask staff members what needs there may be in the church.  Your group could organize, restock, and refurbish a Children’s Resource Room or other Children’s Space.  You could help with Senior Adult Ministry or offer child-care for a Young Adult Event.  Have your members make cards that can be used in multiple ministries.

Look outside the church for ways to minister as well. Is there a local food bank where you could go to help pack boxes or an Assisted Living Home where you could go to sing hymns, play games, or just sit and talk with the residents?  Find homeless shelters and offer to minister or talk with a local high school and offer to work the concession stand so that parents can watch their own children play at athletic events.  Offer to build wheel-chair ramps to those who may suddenly need them.

Simply gathering items to be given to a ministry doesn’t help a guest be a part of a shared experience so be sure you’re truly ministering and not just “gathering” items so that someone else can minister. Use the ministry as an opportunity to have gospel conversations with those you encounter.

Jenni Carter is a State Missionary at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.