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The Heart (How to Minister to A Guest)

We should always anticipate guests. This means we have a plan from the time a guest comes to our building until they are an intricate part of our group and church. Here are a few points that will help us better minister to our guests.

  • Have a meal with them. There is just something about food and relationship. Breaking bread together helps us become familiar with those who are new to us and helps us build those first relationships with others in our group.
  • Connect with social media and texting. Become friends on Facebook and other avenues of social media. We can learn more about them, and they can learn about us as well. Texting also is a form of conversation and is part of how many communicate. Let’s communicate.
  • Learn about their personal life. We need to be sincerely interested in the lives of our guests. Understanding who they are on this level allows for greater ministry opportunities.
  • Introduce them to others. Common interests bring people together. As we learn more about our guests, connect them with others in the group that have similar interests.
  • Follow-up with the ministry need. When ministry needs are discovered in someone’s life, rally the group to minister to that individual or family. This helps them to know that they are an important part of the group.
  • Invite them to the unofficial class social. Many groups have socials for everyone to attend. It is common to see a few people getting together on their own to eat out or do some other social activity. When the guest gets invited to these outings, they are now included in the group.

Everyone needs and deserves ministry. We need be intentional about our ministry to others, especially our guests.

Mike Taylor is a State Missionary for Adult Groups and Faith Development at the Georgia Baptist Mission Board.