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The Phone Call (What to Say On A Follow-Up Call)

BEFORE CLASS: James came to your church for Sunday School. He was brought to class by the Sunday School greeter who shared James’ registration form.

The class greeter welcomed James and introduced him to the class. No one embarrassed James by asking him to speak out loud. James had a good experience during class. Several spoke to James as class ended.

AFTER CLASS: The class greeter walked James to a restroom and worship. In worship, the greeter sat with James and introduced him to some of those around them. At worship end, the greeter tells James he enjoyed spending time together and invites him back to class.

WITHIN 72 HOURS: Bob, a member of the class, contacts James by phone. Bob thanks James for being in class. They share a couple of comments about the lesson and the group. Bob then asks James if he has any questions about the class or the church.

After answering James’ questions, Bob invites James to a class fellowship planned in a couple of weeks. He even offers transportation.

Bob then asks how he can pray for James and his family. Bob writes down what James shares. Then Bob asks permission to pray with James. When James agrees, Bob prays for James and his requests.

Bob closes the call by thanking James again for coming to class and says he hopes to see him again Sunday. James is more likely to return because care was expressed!

Darryl Wilson is the Sunday School and Discipleship Consultant at the Kentucky Baptist Convention.