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Groups Increase Sharing

smallgroup2One of the first lessons we all learn, or at least should learn, is to share.  Many times I find that adults really don’t share that well.  They revert back to the “mine, mine, mine” stage.

To be a follower of Jesus requires more of us.  More of what we have been graciously given from God in forms of gifts and money and of US.  Our faith is not something that is held close, or to hide from the world.  Our faith is not only important to those who don’t know him, but those brothers and sisters in Christ that need us, and some don’t even know it.

One of the major struggles in churches is to have your congregation get involved in a group.  Groups are the lifeblood of our churches and getting people in those is not only important to the life of the church but also to their Christian walk.


  • People in Groups give more of themselves by contributing their gifts to work. Those that attended a group at church were more than 30% greater to contribute by serving others than those who did not attend a group.
  • People in Groups were over 35% more likely to have responsibilities as a teacher, mentor, Bible Study leader etc.
  • People in Groups were over 20% likely to serve those in the community that are not affiliated with your church.


  • People in Groups will give over 4% more to the church


  • People in Groups were 25% more likely to pray for the spiritual status of those who don’t follow Jesus
  • People in Groups were almost 2.5% more likely to invite someone to church

The idea of being in a Group has less to do with us but more to do with those around us and following Jesus.  That idea is sometimes misunderstood and believed that the Group is about us, and is there to serve our needs.  The problem that arises is when EVERYONE believes the Group is for them and not others, honoring Jesus, serving the community and so on.

Groups help us in many ways and I have been a part of many and find when I am ready to give much, I receive FAR more from others than I imagined.

People in Groups share more:

  • Their Gifts
  • Their Money
  • Their Faith


Jonathan P. Jordan is a Sunday School Missionary for the Georgia Baptist Convention. Stay current with Georgia’s “Growing Groups” Strategy at