Consider buying a pack of Easter cards (they usually come with 6 or 8 cards) that celebrate Christ’s resurrection and distribute to class members three weeks before Easter.

Encourage class members to send an Easter card to one or more friends or family member and include their own Easter story. The personal Easter story should be no more than a half-page (about 200 typed words). Members simply need to sign the card and insert their half-page Easter story. Here is an example, originally written for my grandchildren, that has been adapted by
adding an invitation to Sunday School.

Marie’s Easter Story

Growing up in Fort Worth, Texas, our church held Sunday night worship outside on the parking lot during the summer. We sat on long wooden benches outside, because the church was not air-conditioned. I grew up going to church and knew many Bible stories, including Jesus’ death on the cross to provide forgiveness for the sins of people. But that night, as
a 9-year-old, I suddenly understood that meant me.

I didn’t understand why I began to cry, but my wise mother knew—I had suddenly realized I was sinful. She helped me pray to tell Jesus that I was sorry for my sin and wanted to accept His offer of forgiveness.

That night in 1951, I became a Christian. That means Jesus became my personal Savior, and I allowed Him to take charge of my life.

For 60 years now, Jesus has given me strength, a sense of peace, encouragement, and direction in both good times and
not-so-good.  Though I’m not perfect, I know He loves me and stands ready to forgive me.

That’s my personal “Easter story”… Awesome!

P.S. Sunday School has been important in my becoming a Christian and learning to follow Him. I’d love to introduce you to
my Sunday School at Nall Avenue Baptist Church.


Marie Clark has served as Bible Teaching & Discipling Team Leader for the Kansas-Nebraska Convention of Southern Baptists since 1996. She is passionate about Sunday School and enjoys serving as a volunteer in her church’s Sunday School.